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(From left to right: Matteo Lanteri, Alex Ripple, Devi Acharya, Shannon Mitchell, Joseph Gillen, Isaiah Mann, and Ari Green)

Team 315

Fusion Galaxy is developed by Team 315, a group made up of seven developers from MassDiGI. Team 315 is made up of a group of talented college students from across the globe with members from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berklee College of Music,  Champlain College, Brandeis University, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Becker College, and Hampshire College. Team 315 is working together through the MassDiGI 2015 Summer Innovation Program along with three other teams.

Meet the Developers

Isaiah Mann – Producer, Gameplay Programmer

Isaiah attends Hampshire College, concentrating in Computer Science and Game Development. He’s the co-founder and Executive Director of GlowLime Games, a student-run game development collective in Western Massachusetts. He’s worked at a range of game development studios including the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), Petricore Games, and Fay Games. His expertise is in mobile game development, using the Unity engine. He’s also experienced in web development, software engineering, and project management. Find him on the web at isaiahmann.com

Devi Acharya – Business Development Manager, 2D Artist

Devi Acharya loves storytelling in all its forms, combining her love or writing, art, and film to create compelling games and other interactives. Her last project was as Lead Artist for Fusion Galaxy, but has also published interactive fiction pieces The Abyss and The Ark, authored novels and flash fiction, and created trailers and short films. She studies at Brandeis University, working on a double major in Computer Science and Film, Television, and Interactive Media. You can follow her learning how to make new things at @dacharya64.

Shannon Mitchell – Producer, Business Development Manager, 2D Artist

Shannon Mitchell is a senior at Champlain College, where she specializes in game management. Shannon currently works as Business Development Manager and 2D artist for Fusion Galaxy, Associate Producer for Mustachio Games’ Red Survivor, and a Coordinator for Green Mountain Games Festival. In her spare time she leads Champlain Women and Diversity in Gaming Special Interest Group, and mentors students looking to enter the gaming industry.

Ari Green – Lead Designer

Ari will be junior at MIT and is double majoring in Computer Science and Comparative Media. He has had a passion for creating and designing games from a young age. As Lead Designer on Fusion Galaxy he has been working to integrate bio-feedback technology into gameplay in addition to the design challenges of a standard commercial release. When not designing he is implementing ideas in code, and outside of game development he enjoys tennis, drawing, reading, and of course playing games.

Alex Ripple – Audio Engineer

Since she was a wee lass, Alex Ripple has been addicted to video games and the music in those games. Once in middle school, she realized that she didn’t want to be a chef, but a composer for games. After all, the only thing she would practice on her flute was video game music. Now she’s here working at MassDigi on Fusion Galaxy and 3 other games for the Summer Innovation Program! She currently studies at Berklee College of Music with a major in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games and will be in her third year come Fall 2015. As of now, one of her main goals is to become an established composer by the time she’s 90. We can only hope that works out for her.

Matteo Lanteri – UI Designer, UI Artist
Joseph Gillen – Lead Programmer
Tim Ng – Gameplay Programmer

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