Our Team

Didn’t you know? Games don’t just make themselves! It takes time and hard work, and around here we like to celebrate that kind of dedication. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read about the talented people that make up Team Hibachi!

Chris BrunoChris Bruno

Chris Bruno is our Lead Programmer and the last line of defense to keep bugs out of the game. He is attending Becker College, where MassDiGI is located, and working on a degree in Interactive Media Design with a concentration in game programming.

Chris is also a programmer for Petricore, Inc., a game studio started by previous interns from the Summer Innovation Program. In his free time, he enjoys playing Super Smash Bros Melee with his favorite character, Falco. You can check out Chris’s other games on his website:




Melissa ChiuMelissa

Melissa Chiu is our Lead Artist. She’s responsible for ensuring that all of the art in Hibachi Hero is unified and of the highest quality. Melissa is studying 3D Digital Graphics at Rochester Institute of Technology, and hopes to work in animation or digital games.

Melissa has a background in traditional art and graphic design. She has an insane sweet tooth and her head is often in the clouds. You can check out more of her work here:



Mackenzie DenkerMackenzie Denker

Mackenzie Denker is our Build Manager and one of our hyper-talented programmers. He is pursuing a combined major in Computer Science and Music Composition at Northeastern University. Mackenzie is a member of the Northeastern Game Development Club, and works in his free time on Hollow Beat, an adventure game developed by Cult Quiet Co. dealing with clinical depression. His dream is to write music and program for imaginative and emotional games.

Check out his work:



Alex RippleAlex Ripple

Beyond trying and failing to be a normal human being, Alex Ripple is an audio ninja hailing from Berklee College of Music where she is learning how to write music for video games. She goes by Pearl Pixel on the Internet and likes to listen to way too much music.

Alex is responsible for all of the sound effects and music in Hibachi Hero. You can visit her website or Soundcloud to learn more:



Rejon Taylor-FosterRejon Taylor-Foster

Rejon Taylor-Foster is our Lead Designer and the mad scientist responsible for making Hibachi Hero easy to learn but hard to master. He is pursuing a degree in Interactive Media Design with a concentration in Game Programming from Becker College.

Rejon has also released several games under the moniker Maximum Crash. His most recent game, Starlot Derby, won Best In Category in the MassDiGI Game Challenge. When he’s not busy making games, you can often spot Rejon skateboarding around Worcester.

You can keep up with Rejon’s work by following him on Twitter @Maximum_Crash


Sai TimmermannSaiTemp

Sai Timmermann is our Producer and Lead 3D Artist. She is responsible for keeping the team on task, capturing the insanity of development for social media, and polishing the backgrounds and knives seen in Hibachi Hero. Sai attends Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) where she is pursuing a degree in Media Arts & Science.

On the side, Sai is the 3D Production Lead for Return of Aetheria, an episodic ARG that takes place at Indianapolis-area conventions such as Indy PopCon and GenCon. You can check out her art and the games she’s worked on here:



Uyen UongUyen Uong

Uyen (pronounced we-in) Uong is our amazing culinary artist. She’s responsible for all of the delicious food sprites you’ll see in Hibachi Hero. Uyen is a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying Electronic Arts with concentrations in Visual Arts & Animation and Computer Science.

Uyen has a passion for integrating math into animation and is inspired by the luscious landscapes and exaggerated expressions in movies such as Spirited Away, Up, and Wreck-it Ralph. Check out her artwork here: