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Are you ready for bite-sized games and wacky humor all at the swipe of your hand? If yes, this is the game for you! (If not, you’re here anyway, might as well keep reading.) Many Mini Things is a game about just that: many little capsule toys that you win by completing many mini games. Using the motion control capabilities of the Leap Motion controller, you have to move, grab, swipe, and more to complete the series of quick challenges. You’ll experience amazing success – or hilarious failure. Either way, it’ll be a great time!


Game Features:

  • An innovative control scheme with the Leap Motion controller
  • Over a dozen fast-paced games to play and master
  • Two longer and tougher boss games to conquer
  • A roomful of character trophies to collect through your victories
  • Local multiplayer: Challenge a friend to a mini-game playing battle, where the last one standing wins


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