We are Team Awesome, a group of artists, programmers, audio engineers, and designers hired and paid by the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI). There are seven members of the team, two programmers, three artists, one audio engineer, and  one producer and designer.

Team Awesome is a group of¬†college students participating in MassDiGI’s Summer Internship Program 2015 (SIP15). We were selected from a global application process and work with three other teams who are working on three other games.

Our goal is to produce and publish a mobile game to the Android and App stores by the end of the summer; that’s where MegaloMalady comes in.

MegaloMalady is our baby. Its a brand new idle game where you play with Germy the monster, who wants to make friends with everyone, but infects people with diseases as it does so. Purchase new symptoms for your disease and upgrade it be become more infectious. Use the disease to make friends for Germy and infect the entire planet! You can watch as the world reacts to your actions in real time as it deteriorates with your increasing number of infected inhabitants.

We work on it 40 hours a week and more, only taking breaks to eat, sleep, and have Super Smash Bros tournaments. We’re really excited to share this game with you and we hope you like it as much as we do. If you want to join us on this journey and receive updated versions of the game as we release them, sign up here!




If you want to see more art, check out our portfolio!