Aromie KimAnthony DelBuono, Becker College

Lead 3D Modeler

Anthony served as the Lead 3d artist, level artist, animator and texture artist for Midnight Terrors. Tasked with the creation of convincing artwork in the game’s environments, towers and props.
Anthony also represented Midnight Terrors at events such as Boston Tech Jam and Boston Indie Game Collective.

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Aromie KimAromie Kim, Tufts University

Producer, Art Director

As the producer, Aromie tracked the progress of the team and made sure things ran smoothly. As the art director, Aromie oversaw the central art style of the game (and made sure that nothing was too creepy). She drew most of the concept art and 2D assets, including the monsters and the character Casey.

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Joe LajoieJoseph Lajoie, Becker College

Designer, 3D Animator

Joe served as Lead Designer, 3d Animator, and Audio Engineer for Midnight Terrors. Joe came up with the concept of Midnight Terrors, and was in charged in the balancing, design of UI, and Game mechanics, and the integration of FMod into the game. He also runs the social media, and website among other things.

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LorenLoren Sherman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Programmer, Build Manager

Loren served as Programmer, Technical Artist, Trailer Creator and Build Manager for Midnight Terrors. As build manager Loren was tasked with creating 2 weekly builds for both Android and iOS, and keeping track of version notes for each build. He was also in charge of implementing all of the 2D animation sprite sheets.

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Benji SmithBenji Smith, Northeastern University

Lead Programmer

Benji served as Lead Programmer for Midnight Terrors, building in Unity3d using C#.  He built a modified version of A* for path finding, and optimized several core mechanics of game play.

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Ning XieNing Xie, Mount Holyoke College

Lead UI Programmer

Ning worked on C# scripting for game mechanics, tower and environment animations and sound effects. She was also in charge of code review and bug tracking, and she represented Midnight Terrors in events like the Boston Tech Jam and play-testing with a group of developers from the Boston Indie Game Collective.

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RenzoRenzo G. Heredia, Berklee College of Music

Composer, Sound Designer

Renzo created all the sound effects and music in Midnight Terrors using Fmod Studio. He was able to develop a dynamic and unique atmosphere. He’s also the voice for Casey with just a little bit of pitch shifting.

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