Colosseum Coach

Action-strategy game for iOS and Android


Control a team of gladiators and lead them to victory against the arena’s monstrosities. Can you build the ultimate team?


Hand-pick gladiators to build your team. Choose from a selection of unique stats and special skills. Outfit your fighters with over a million different combinations of weapons and armor. Play your way!


Pit your team against vicious, cruel, and terrifying monsters. Prove your strength in battle, and lay waste to these creatures of legend. Defeat all who stand in your path!


Journey across the land, and find adventures all throughout the Roman Empire. Train your team, as each new location brings unique threats and challenges. Earn fame and glory throughout the Empire!


Colosseum Coach was developed in 2016, as part of MassDiGI's Summer Innovation Program. The development team of seven, a group of artists, programmers, and a sound designer, set out to create a gladiatorial-themed action game for mobile devices. After spending a month creating a rapid-action prototype for their game, the team scrapped their progress and started fresh - laying the foundations for what would later become Colosseum Coach. By summer's end, the vision that was Colosseum Coach was playable and polished, though it wasn't yet ready for launch.

Game Information

Developer: MassDiGI
Based in: Worcester, MA
Release Date: TBD
Facebook: ColosseumCoach
Twitter: @ColosseumCoach