06/03/15 – Playcrafting

We went to the Boston Spring Playcrafting last night with our bare-bones prototype to demonstrate the concept of our game and got lots of good feedback. It took a lot of energy and time (a 2 hour train ride there, ~3 hours of presenting, and a 2 hour train ride back) but it was worth it. We managed to a confirm that the concept of tapping on the world to infect people is a good start to building a fun game and we got to see a lot of other cool games being presented by developers trying to get their start. We still have a long way to go though.


Michael Carriere from Zapdot came by earlier that day too and gave us some cool tips on getting users to keep playing your game, as well as making sure they understand what they’re supposed to do (a lot of people, us included, have a tendency to speed through tutorials which can be problematic).


There was a large meeting for Team Awesome this morning to discuss MegaloMalady itself and make changes to its design. We decided to get rid of the 2 resource pools and combine it into 1, as well as redesign our UI to be a little more modern. Our artists are going to redesign Germy (our little monster protagonist) too. It should be really exciting to see what they come up with.


For reference, here is what Germy looks like now:

germy business



As for the rest of today and tomorrow, we’ll be starting on our Alpha build, which means we’ll be scrapping pretty much everything that is in our current prototype and rebuild it from scratch to be better in every way.


And so, we start again.

I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

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