6/05/15 – Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner from Deep End Games visited our lab yesterday to view and test our games. He gave a really interesting talk on game development, new kinds of game mechanics, player motivation, and player agency.


Bill Gardner used to work for Irrational Games and he gave us examples from Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite; about how he and the other developers created a sense of purpose and urgency as well as a method of creating player choice within the game without having to build exponentially growing story arcs.


Upon playing our game, he wanted to see a little bit more interactivity with certain aspects, as well as making the story clearer.


All in all it was really exciting to meet him and hear about his new project on Kickstarter, Perception. Here’s to hoping both our games are a success.

I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

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