6/10/15 – Michael Sweet

Another exciting installment of who’s helping MegaloMalady be the best it can be!


So, following the recent trend, yesterday Michael Sweet, a sound designer and audio engineer came to talk about us about sound and user experience in games! Michael Sweet is known for a number of different things, but best of all for the Xbox power on sound!


Anyway, he discussed how music can set atmosphere, pace, tell players the genre, time, locations, and more. He thought that our music, courtesy of Alex Ripple (Pearl Pixel on SoundCloud) was very appropriate, playing well off of the cute, adorable visual nature of the game. He also suggested some really interesting changes about how our world could evolve, so if you’ve signed up for our playtest list, be sure to play with volume!

I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

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