6/17/15 – Woo Games Pile

Last night was the first ever Woo Games Pile Event in Worcester. It was organized by a local independent game company, Zephyr, and featured a number of local independent projects. We saw a couple of card games, a concept for a online multiplayer versus game, a new idea for a isometric 3D RPG, and met a large number of colleagues who all work in the game industry.


Yesterday was the first time that we displayed our prototype narrative for MegaloMalady with some mock-ups of our ideas to the public. Germy’s cuteness is well appreciated, and the black humor of the game was also found to be entertaining. We managed to get some other good feedback about our user interface as well as a few suggestions as to where the game could go in the future.


We also got the opportunity to show off some of our artists and to exchange contact information with other members of the community. They will be good people to know in the future; after all, the game industry is quite small.

I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

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