6/24/15 – Jon Myers and Verizon

As is common in our studio, yesterday a member of the game community came to visit and test out MegaloMalady. This time, Jon Myers from Reactive Studios visited to test out and critique our game.


While we didn’t get an opportunity to hear him speak about other aspects of the game industry, he did provide us with some good, important feedback that will help make MegaloMalady clearer and more intuitive, provide longer playability, and design a better written narrative.


Additionally, a couple of promotional videos were made yesterday. We don’t want to say too much and spoil anything, but theres a chance of something pretty cool happening.


Today, we’ll be showing MegaloMalady to some more kids from local schools, which is always fun!

I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

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