Author: maxmaynard
I am the producer and lead designer for the game MegaloMalady, one of the 4 game development projects for MassDiGI Summer Internship Program 2015.

6/18/15 – Athena Peters

Also on Tuesday, Athena Peters from Turbine Games visited us. She is the executive lead producer at Turbine for their Lord of the Rings MMO RPG.  She told us about her experiences producing and how she got started in the

6/17/15 – Woo Games Pile

Last night was the first ever Woo Games Pile Event in Worcester. It was organized by a local independent game company, Zephyr, and featured a number of local independent projects. We saw a couple of card games, a concept for

6/12/15 – Post Boston Presentations

A change of pace! Instead of inviting a titan of the game industry to visit us this Thursday, instead we traveled to Boston! We went to go see a few people, then after that a couple members of the team

6/10/15 – Michael Sweet

Another exciting installment of who’s helping MegaloMalady be the best it can be!   So, following the recent trend, yesterday Michael Sweet, a sound designer and audio engineer came to talk about us about sound and user experience in games!

6/05/15 – Bill Gardner

Bill Gardner from Deep End Games visited our lab yesterday to view and test our games. He gave a really interesting talk on game development, new kinds of game mechanics, player motivation, and player agency.   Bill Gardner used to

06/03/15 – Playcrafting

We went to the Boston Spring Playcrafting last night with our bare-bones prototype to demonstrate the concept of our game and got lots of good feedback. It took a lot of energy and time (a 2 hour train ride there,

MegaloMalady – Beginnings

Hello!   This is the blog about MegaloMalady, a new mobile game about infecting a planet with the help of the lovable Germy. It will document the journey of the hastily named Team Awesome as we strive to create a