An artistic action game for iOS, Android, and PC.
Consume all life as a serpentine demi-god in Ophidia! A decree has been made: all worlds must be purged so life may begin anew. Play as the legendary Norse Ouroboros, sent down from the heavens to cleanse Yggdrasil - the world tree - of all beings.


Encircle your enemies to devour them and grow longer! Each foe behaves differently and offers new challenges. Take down bigger and bigger enemies as you grow longer and demonstrate your fearsome power by leaving none alive.


Travel through five beautiful worlds, each accompanied with a myriad of unique creatures, a breathtaking score, and challenging gameplay.


Without a fight, there is no true victory! Bosses of different worlds possess unique powers. Defeat each one to truly cleanse the world and progress to the next.


Ophidia’s development first began in 2015 as part of MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program.Noted as being those with “the highest kumbaya quotient” in the program, the team of six set about creating a game inspired by mythologies and cultures from around the world, representative of their own international upbringings. By the end of the summer Ophidia had a functional beta on iOS and Android, but it wasn’t quite ready for launch.

Development on the game continued in Live Studio, a MassDiGI-run class at Becker College in which students worked on MassDiGI games already in development. During this period, the original SIP team, newcomers, and artists from Rhode Island School of Design worked on the game.

The final stretch of development began in May 2016. At this point, the game was nearly finished, but still needed a certain amount of polish and fixes before it could be released. Not wanting to push back the release any further, a team comprised of original SIP members and Live Studio members worked together on their own time to finish the game and have it released before the end of the summer. During this time, the decision was made to not only release the game on iOS and Android, but on PC and Mac as well. After a little over a year of development, Ophidia was finally released on the App Store, Google Play Store and itch.io on July 29th, 2016.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer: MassDiGI
  • Based in: Worcester, MA
  • Release Date: July 29th, 2016
  • Website: http://games.massdigi.org/ophidia/
  • Contact: ophidiagame@gmail.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/ophidiagame
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/OphidiaGame